Brazil Sending Troops to Its Border With Venezuela

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Brazil Sending Troops to Its Border With Venezuela

Brazil is sending troops to its border with Venezuela amid growing tensions in the Brazilian border town of Pacaraima in the state of Roraima, after Venezuelan immigrants were blamed for robbing and severely beating a local merchant.
The troops are scheduled to arrive Monday.
Over the past three years, tens of thousands of Venezuelans have sought refuge in Brazil from Venezuela's economic, political and social crises.
The merchant was beaten early Saturday and local residents blamed Venezuela immigrants.
Afterwards, locals invaded the Venezuelans' makeshift camps and burned their belongings.
"It was terrible, they burned the tents and everything that was inside," said Carol Marcano, a Venezuelan. "There were shots. They burned rubber tires."
Brazilian police said hundreds of Venezuelans crossed back into their country to escape Saturday's violence .

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Source: Google News South Brazil | Netizen 24 Brazil

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